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Still making progress...

I am really feeling that this is coming together now. I am really happy with the colour and light, but still tweaking the light in the branches overhead.

I'm trying to make decisions about the placement of the found objects - little coil of copper wire and a piece of metal that looks like a petrified bee in flight. I won't attach anything until I my gut says yes. I rely on my inner eye and my gut, always. They tell me if something is off, or missing or finished or not.

While conjuring up this image I've been thinking about bees and birds and how integral they are to our existence. Without them we disappear, fade away, fade out... hmmm...still trying to work out the title. I've been thinking about the famous and important book called, Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, and I may just use that title but I may not. I may resort to writing a poem and using a line or reference from that. Writing a poem based on an idea is something I often do if I need to broaden an idea or conjure up an image. I almost always have a plan in my head but need to write it sometimes to complete the picture.

So back to the easel tomorrow, says my gut. See you then, says my eye...we'll be waiting.

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