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Slow and steady, sort of

One of the projects I'm working on is for an upcoming exhibit this year called Ten,645. Two collectives, one from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia called Ten645 comprised of ten artists and ten artists from the Brush Tu collective in Nairobi, Kenya. We were partnered up with artists from the other collective and exchanged found objects with one another. The objective is to create artwork based on the object and communication/correspondence with each other. My partner is Emmaus Kimani, a young photographer living in Nairobi and pursuing a living in the arts community there. We have been talking through video chats and social media and learning about our differences and similarities.

Although on the surface we couldn't be more different, I'm a white middle-aged Canadian living in a small town and he is a black, Kenyan in his late twenties living in a city of four million. Different continents, different cultures. However, what has happened for me is that the work has become more about my new friendship and what we have in common (including a love of Rom-Coms).

So, my goal is to execute a few paintings as well as some relief prints. Here is a bit of my progress to date on a portrait. It continues to change each time I come to my easel, but I'm please with the progress SLOW AS IT IS! I was kind of hoping that by sharing a bit about the work might get me to go a bit faster :)

So, here is Emmaus. The figures that you see in silhouette are people that are in some of his photographs as well as from his social media. The references to bees are to indicate society, industry, the cycle of life and the sweet and hardworking nature of my partner and artists in general as we often have to do more than one job in order to make our living.

For more about the project and the artists involved, visit Ten,645 and Brush Tu. You can also find both on Facebook.

You can also see some early progress pics of this work on my Facebook or Instagram.

As I make more progress, I'll write a bit more about the work.

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