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Ship of Fools

Today would have been the day Growth & Transitions: Pandemic Perspectives would have been holding our opening reception at the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design. Because of lockdown and restrictions the show has yet to be installed and we are unsure if restrictions will lift in time for the public to be able to view the show in person. So the artists, Alison Uhma, Victoria Piersig, Josephine Clarke, Juliana Scherzer, Susan Paddon and myself are working on a plan to be able to bring the show to to public. TBA.

Nova Scotia finds itself reporting high numbers of cases (182) and hospitalizations again today. It is most disheartening news. It seems this outbreak was triggered by folks not following restrictions and rules of quarantine and isolation - either by ignorance or by simply flouting those rules. So today I've chosen to share another work I have created for the exhibit. It's called We're In This Together. Hopefully, if everyone does their part, you can see it in person along with the incredible works of the other artists in this show. Fingers crossed.

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