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Lockdown & Irony

JUST as the group exhibition for "Growth & Transitions: Pandemic Perspectives" - is about to be installed and opened, here in Nova Scotia we have gone into a 2 week circuit breaker lockdown on top of stricter regulations in place until May 20th. This is a very necessary thing to do under the current circumstances as variants appear in our province and younger people find themselves in hospital. By all means, let's get things under control. The irony is not lost on me here. An exhibition of work addressing the complexities and tolls taken on communities and their citizens unable to be installed or opened due to the friggin' pandemic?

So, over the next week, I will post images of my work that is part of the exhibit while our group of artists and the venue we were to show in, troubleshoot our next moves and either exhibit digitally or ... TBA.

Meanwhile, this image is called "Isolation", perfectly suited to today's post. Also, if you're interested...I will be offering archival reproductions of this piece and the other works in the exhibit, printed on cotton rag and in a size suitable for a 16" x 20" frame.

Do your part, Nova Scotians! Stay the blazes home and heed the direction of the good Dr. Strang.

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