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Isolation & Creativity

During these strange times there's a lot going through our minds and personally, I am finding it a bit tough to stay focused on any one thing. Up until last week, I really didn't want to do any creative work. I feel overwhelmed by the news and the internet and alllllll the advice to be productive and creative. So I've pared down the time I'm online and am just doing the basic everyday stuff of living. And of course, getting out for a walk or just to stand in my yard and put my face to the sun...when there is sun.

I am glad I have found a bit of the muse, so I thought I'd share the past week's progress on this painting that I started last year.

If you saw my last post, Studies, you may see there's a smidge of theme going.

Let's just say the nature of things is on my mind.

I have no title yet but I'm working on a few possibilities. And I feel like I'm at the halfway mark at this stage. I really want to incorporate the found objects pictured in my hand too, I added these items to my collection after finding them on a walk last year. They helped inspire the image along with an antique portrait of these three characters in the painting.

Stay tuned and stay well, everyone!

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