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'Isolate': only the painting is done.

As the pandemic continues and the number of cases across the country continue to rise this piece seems particularly timely. Everyone is weary of it all and some are neglecting to follow safety measures. The economy is reeling and small businesses and their employees are struggling. Families are struggling. The poor are struggling harder than ever. To have a roof over your head is worth its weight in gold. To have food on your table - gold. To have employment, to be able to pay the bills and to have peace in our homes - priceless.

Here in Nova Scotia we are now seeing numbers rising higher than during our first wave of Covid19. Our local governments are doing a pretty good job considering all that it entails. We continue to hear the rally and cry of "We're in this Together" but finding the heart to cheer ourselves on can be a trial as Dr. Robert Strang and the Premier do their level best to keep the balancing act going.

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