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Teena Marie Fancey

Born in Halifax, NS

Lives & works on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia


I am a Nova Scotia visual artist working in acrylic paint and relief printmaking. My
artwork encompasses vernacular and vintage photography, storytelling, and found objects.

I have worked as a professional artist since the 1990s and exhibited in solo, collaborative, and group shows.

My work can be found in some local Galleries and shops, numerous private collections and in the Nova Scotia Art Bank (purchased 2000, Teena Marie Saunders).


All the artwork on this site has been made by me and all rights to those images are mine.

If you would like any additional information about a particular work, please feel free to contact me.


I have  had lots of fun telling stories with my paintbrush and my aim is always to amuse the viewer. I hope you've enjoyed looking at the work.

Teena Marie 


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